About Healthy Action

jamesJames Collier founded Healthy Action in 1999 when he was still a dietitian working in the NHS.  Healthy Action’s work has expanded so much that it’s now so much more than advising on good nutrition to individuals.  Now, with over 24 years working in nutrition and fitness behind him, James’ work involves education, writing, seminars, food and supplement product development, proof reading and personalised nutrition and exercise advice.

James provides expert tailored advice to individuals for weight loss, sports & fitness, bodybuilding & strength training, boxing & MMA, food intolerance and healthy living. He’s well known in the fitness scene as both an advisor and events promotor working with top level bodybuilders, strongmen, powerlifters and fitness models. James, a keen recreational bodybuilder himself, has been co-owner of the busy discussion forum MuscleTalk.co.uk since its launch in 2000.

James has extensive experience in product development of foods and nutritional supplements. As co-founder of the nutritionally complete powdered food Huel™, James developed the formula and is continually working on updates and new products. Huel is a revolutionary product which has improved the diet of thousands of users since its launch in June 2015.

As a highly experienced and adept writer, James has written 1000s of articles as well as co-authoring books and eBooks and contributing to his own and others’ websites including www.mealplansite.com. He’s also employed by other nutrition writers and bloggers to proof their work.

James’ work has included working as a clinical dietitian in two NHS Trusts covering a wide range of clinical areas, institutional catering and food policy development. An experienced public speaker, James has also given many talks at conferences to corporate and the public including round-table discussions and education.