For larger and more specialised project, James works with other experts; their combined experience gives Healthy Action the ability to provide unrivalled nutrition, health and exercise advice.

James’ colleagues include:

Claire Baseley

MSc RNutr

    Claire is a highly qualified Registered Nutritionist with considerable experience in weight loss and sports nutrition. She has also worked in industry and the catering sector.

    Working with Healthy Action for many years, Claire has helped countless clients achieve and exceed their goals, be they body fat loss, mass gain or general diet and wellbeing advice. Claire is also a keen athlete and level 3 personal trainer, so is well versed in combining diet, training and rest into holistic programs for many goals.

    Drew Price

    MASc RNutr

      Drew is a Registered Nutritionist and coach working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds for general health, fat loss, bodybuilding and sports performance. He works in sports club and clinic settings including in the City of London, on Harley Street and in the Premiership for football and rugby; from world class athletes to everyday people who just want to be healthier and fitter. In addition, Drew has lectured on health science subjects at university and contributes regularly to newspapers, TV and magazines such as Men’s Health.

      He holds a Masters in Nutrition Science, a Bachelors in Biochemistry and has been awarded certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

      Micky McKay

        Micky has been involved in training and exercise for over 30 years. With considerable experience as a personal trainer, he’s worked with both young and old, from complete beginners to advanced athletes. Micky has been involved in a variety of sports, including football, boxing and bodybuilding. Indeed, he competes as bodybuilder himself competing in the Mr Britain final on three occasions as well as Mr Universe.

        Micky is a WABBA Senior Fitness Instructor, achieving a Diploma after passing exams in Nutrition, Flexibility, Advanced Weight Training and Kinesiology, Advanced Programme Writing and also Anatomical Studies. He is also a qualified Trainsmart Instructor having passed their exam on metabolic rate testing.