Alan Carson – November 2015

AC SHOOT 1I’m a physique / fitness competitor and I’ve been working with James for my contest prep nutrition during the 2015 season. My work, lifestyle, food likes/dislikes and training times were all taken into consideration and the resulting nutrition plan was therefore easy to follow and effective. As competition dates got closer, James would assess my condition and make adjustments to the nutrition plan accordingly. I found this invaluable because the longer a prep goes on, the more difficult it becomes to evaluate progress myself. James had a great eye for judging were we needed to be each week out from contests and wasn’t afraid to tell me when I needed to step it up! I was also given plenty of encouragement when it was due, which helped to keep my motivation levels high.

Things worked out pretty well this season with four 1st places and a pro card. I’m looking forward to working with James again in the 2016 season where we are looking to bring on an even more competitive package to the stage. Thanks James!


Mark Hollyman – October 2015

James has been my trainer for the last 18 months. He has achieved results with me that have taken me the previous seven years to achieve. What impresses me about James is that even now I am constantly learning. His attention to detail is constantly reinforced by his insistence on form. James’ focus means that I get maximum benefit from the minimum time. He’s one of the country’s top nutritionists which is an added bonus. James is personable and easy to chat to but only after the workout over a recovery drink. Like he says. You pay me to train you, not gossip with you!


Abi Waller – July 2014

James and the Healthy Action team have been supporting me to lose weight since 2011, and I can honestly say it has been the best advice and motivational support I have ever had! Having lost 3 stone since first visiting Healthy Action I have found myself to have greater confidence, more determined and have achieved things I never thought I would have been able to achieve! Using weights was never something I would have considered before, now I am looking forward to lifting more in the near future to one day get on stage! Any questions I have ever had have been quickly responded to and I know that it is undoubtedly the best advice there is! Thank you James and the Healthy Action Team!


Chris White – April 2013

James is helping me with my pre-contest prep, his help and advice has been invaluable; his knowledge is second to none and is always there if I have any questions. This pre-contest prep diet is by far the easiest I have done, I’m feeling much fuller when training and have more energy to get through each workout, and my physique has changed by working on weak spots. I can’t wait to step on that stage, last year was good and with James behind me this year will be even better. I’m really looking forward to working with James again in the future for both on and off season nutritional advice.